Leaving a Secure Job When the Risk Feels Scary

On the Road Again by wbsloan
On the Road Again, a photo by wbsloan on Flickr.

Often times we find ourselves less than satisfied with our jobs. We think to ourselves, “but I need the money and this is what I got my degree in so I need to just stick with it and tough it out, right?” Wrong. Though it is difficult and sometimes unimaginable to resign from a secure job, we must think about our happiness and if we are actually getting fulfillment in our careers. More than anything, it is important to have a passion for what you do, and if you are lacking that passion, it is never too late to find a career path that you secretly desire.

Taking the first step at resigning from a secure job is always the hardest. And even once you’re passed that step, life does not just simply get easier from there. You must set goals and create plans, put in the effort and truly work for what you want. And if it’s something you are passionate about, the journey of making it happen will be worth while.

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