Do you have the “soft skills” needed for

Do you have the “soft skills” needed for business?
Soft skills focus on the relationship side of business. This term is not used to describe any aspect of business that is traditionally taught. These skills are necessary as they pertain to forming relationships and interacting with people. It has become more important throughout the decade as business seeks to build relationships and maintain them for future reference. In the workplace it is important how to understand how to interact effectively.


Is it possible to balance work and your

Is it possible to balance work and your personal life all at once? Sometimes it just takes a reminder to ourselves that we cannot do it all, and that we need a break. The tips below should give you an idea how to alleviate stress in your life.

7 Chakras of Business

To think of business as having chakras may be a different concept. Chakras are spiritual energy centers according to the yogic tradition that take precedence in our lives. It is for many individuals to decide for themselves if business can be thought of as having chakras just like a person does. The seven chakras which correspond to parts of the body also correspond to situations within a business. In your business this relates to many aspects of the industry and how to create a conscious business that fits the needs of everyone. Each chakra within the body corresponds to an aspect of business. The connection between your personal energy and your business energy is interrelated and gives each person an idea of how to run their business effectively.

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